Musée Crozatier

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Coordinates: 45°02′19″N 3°52′59″E / 45.03861°N 3.88306°E / 45.03861; 3.88306

Musée Crozatier
Lionel Royer Vercingétorix jette ses armes aux pieds de Jules César, 1899
LocationPuy-en-Velay, Auvergne, France
TypeArchaeological museum, Art museum
Visitors19,101 (2007)[1]

The Musée Crozatier is a museum in Le Puy-en-Velay in the French Auvergne. Inaugurated in 1868, its collection comprises art and archaeological artifacts from Velay and the Haute-Loire region. The museum is undergoing a major renovation and is expected to re-open in May 2017.[2]

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