Musée Saint-Raymond

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Musée Saint-Raymond
Musée Saint-Raymond - Toulouse.jpg
Saint-Raymond Museum
Musée Saint-Raymond is located in Toulouse
Musée Saint-Raymond
Location within Toulouse
Coordinates 43°36′28″N 1°26′28″E / 43.607867°N 1.441125°E / 43.607867; 1.441125
Type Art museum, Archeological museum, Historic site
Curator Evelyne Ugaglia

The Musée Saint-Raymond (in English, Saint-Raymond museum) established in 1891, is a museum located in Toulouse, France, specializing in antiquities.


Visitor figures[edit]



Early Christian necropolis[edit]

The early Christian necropolis was discovered in the excavation under the museum between 1994 and 1996 and contains a lime-kiln, about a hundred sepulchres and severals inscriptions.[2]

Chiragan villa[edit]

The first floor of the museum contains finds from the Chiragan villa in Martres-Tolosane, 60 km south-west of Toulouse. The villa was populated from the first to the fourth century.[3]

Labours of Hercules[edit]

Busts of Gods[edit]

Copies of Greek sculptures[edit]


The collection of Roman emperors busts in the second largest in France, after the one of the Louvre.[3] These sculptures were discovered as early as 1826 and represent Roman emperors, two of their wives and nowadays unknown people of power.[3]


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