Mus of Kerbridge

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Mus of Kerbridge
Kidd - Mus of Kerbridge Coverart.png
Mus of Kerbridge first edition cover.
Author Paul Kidd
Cover artist Paul Jaquays
Country Australia
Language English
Genre Fantasy
Publisher TSR
Publication date
May 1995
Media type Print (Paperback)
OCLC 9780786900947

Mus of Kerbridge is a 1995 fantasy novel by Paul Kidd. It follows the story of a mouse called Mus who has been sent to spy on the princess of Kerbridge only to help her fight against the warlady of the South.[1] It is set in the same world detailed in the Lace & Steel RPG.


Mus of Kerbridge was first published in the United States in May 1995 by TSR, Inc. in paperback format.[1][2] In 2007 it was republished at Lulu.[3] It was a short-list nominee for the 1995 Aurealis Award for best fantasy novel but lost to Garth Nix's Sabriel.[4]


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