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Musa Juma Mumbo (December 6, 1968[1] – March 15, 2011) was a rumba and music musician from Kenya. He was the bandleader, guitarist and composer for Orchestra Limpopo International. Most of his music was sung in Dholuo language.[1]

He was from Usonga, Siaya District.[2] He started his music career performing with his younger brother Omondi Tony (real name Anthony Omondi Mumbo) plying rumba in small clubs in Nairobi and Kisumu. Together they formed Orchestra Limpopo International which gradually rose into national fame. Omondi Tony, who had turned into a solo career, died on June 6, 2008 of complication caused by a traffic accident.[3]

Some of the most popular songs by Musa Juma were "Hera Mudho", "Ufisadi", "Mercelina", and "Freddy".[4] He released eight albums, the last of them being titled Lake Victoria.[3]

During his career he toured various countries.[2] Only weeks before his death in 2011, he and his band had a tour in the United States.[4]

He died of pneumonia on March 15, 2011 at Mombasa Hospital.[3] He was survived by his wife Winnie.


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