Musa ibn Faris al-Mutawakkil

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Musa ibn Faris al-Mutawakkil
Sultan of Morocco
PredecessorAbul Abbas Ahmad Mustanzir
SuccessorMuhammad ibn Ahmad Abu Zayyan al-Wathiq
Full name
Musa ibn Faris Abu Faris al-Mutawakkil

Musa ibn Faris al-Mutawakkil (Musa ibn Faris Abu Faris al-Mutawakkil) was Marinid Sultan of Morocco from 1384 to 1386.

Musa ibn Faris replaced the Sultan Abu'l-Abbas Ahmad al-Mustansir in 1384.[1] His accession was engineered by the Nasrid dynasty of the Emirate of Granada. Musa ibn Faris was a disabled son of the former Sultan Abu Inan Faris.[citation needed] Musa Ben Faris ruled until 1386. He was replaced by Muhammad ibn Ahmad Abu Zayyan al-Wathiq, who ruled until 1387. Abul Abbas then regained the throne.[1]



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