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Origin Japan
Genres pop music
Years active 2007–present
Labels Universal Music
Members Musashi

The Musashi's are a musical group in Japan, consisting of five cats. One of the largest talent agencies, Stardust Promotion, represents the Musashi's. The contract with Stardust stated that each cat will be given one skipjack tuna approximately valued at 7000 Japanese yen (90.00 USD) per song.


  • Musashi (ムサシ) - leader; 4-year-old male Norwegian Forest Cat. Youngest but also the fattest.
  • Leo (レオ) - 4-year-old male cat. Quiet crying noise.
  • Luca (ルカ) - 6-year-old female cat. Quiet but high crying noise.
  • Seri (セリ) - main vocal; 12-year-old female cat.
  • Marble (マーブル) - 15-year-old female cat. When the owner picked her up, she was living on the street and in poor health.



Toward the end of 2007, the owner of the five cats posted a video on YouTube to celebrate Christmas. In the video, the cats sing to the tune of Jingle Bells along with instrumental backup.[1] This video became popular with cat lovers, not only in Japan, but all over the world. The YouTube video had over 1.2 million views by the end of 2007. It was also nominated for a YouTube award in the category of "Best Video of 2007".


In 2008, the Musashi's signed a contract with Stardust Promotion. On March 3, they released their first single covering a popular Japanese song "Hotaru no Hikari". This cover was accompanied by a new original song. The single was a digital download from A second single titled "Ichinensei ni Nattara" was released on April 7, 2008.



  • 2008-03-03 - Hotaru no Hikari
  • 2008-04-07 - Ichinensei ni Nattara