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Musashino Art University
PresidentTadanori Nagasawa
Location, ,
Coordinates: 35°43′34″N 139°26′51″E / 35.72611°N 139.44750°E / 35.72611; 139.44750

Musashino Art University (武蔵野美術大学, Musashino Bijutsu Daigaku, MAU) is a private university in Kodaira, western Tokyo, founded in 1962 and having roots going back to 1929.

Musashino Art University

Teikoku Art School (帝国美術学校, Teikoku Bijutsu Gakkō; meaning "imperial art school") was founded in 1929; in 1948 it became Musashino Art School (武蔵野美術学校, Musashino Bijutsu Gakkō), and in 1962 it became Musashino Art University. It is known as one of the leading art universities in Japan.

From its start, the university taught fine art and industrial design; it later added architecture, fashion, and other fields.

MAU has exchange agreements with universities in other countries. It has a graduate school that awards master's degrees and doctorates.

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