Muscatatuck Urban Training Center

Coordinates: 39°03′05″N 85°32′09″W / 39.0513°N 85.5358°W / 39.0513; -85.5358
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Muscatatuck Urban Training Center
Jennings County, Indiana
Coordinates39°03′05″N 85°32′09″W / 39.0513°N 85.5358°W / 39.0513; -85.5358
TypeMilitary Training Base
Site information
Controlled byUnited States
Site history
In use2005-present
Garrison information
GarrisonCurrent Site Manager - LTC John Pitt (2017-Present) Past Commanders - LTC Barry Hon (2013-2016), LTC R. Dale Lyles (2010-2013), LTC Chris Kelsey (2008-2010), LTC Ken McCallister (2005-2008)

Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC) is a 1,000 acre urban training facility located near Butlerville, Indiana. MUTC is used to train civilian first responders, Foreign Service Institute,[1] joint civilian/military response operations, and military urban warfare. It is also home to the Ivy Tech Cyber Academy which offers an accelerated Cyber Security/Information Assurance Associate of Applied Science degree from Ivy Tech Community College – Columbus in an 11-month, 60 credit hour program.[2] In addition, it is home to cyberwarfare training environments.[3] The center features more than 120 training structures and over 1 mile of searchable tunnels.[4] A clock tower used as a rappel tower has all four clock faces set to 9:11.[5]


The Muscatatuck Urban Training Center is located on the grounds of the former Muscatatuck State Developmental Center (MSDC).[6] MSDC was created in 1920 as the Indiana Farm Colony for the Feeble-Minded.[7] It became one of Indiana's largest mental institutions approximately 3,000 patients and around 2,000 employees.[8] From 1920 through 2005, MSDC housed many of Indiana's challenged citizens and was once the largest employer in Jennings County.[9] In 1997, Indiana lawmakers passed a plan to reorganize the state's health plan. Modern antipsychotics shrank its patient population down to about 1,200, and in 2001, Governor Frank O'Bannon announced that the state would close Muscatatuck.[7] Governor Mitch Daniels passed control of the facility to the Indiana National Guard in July 2005.[9] In 2015, computer security expert Walter O'Brien presented ScenGen and other artificial intelligence technology, deployed at Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, to SOCOM at Muscatatuck.[10]

Disaster Recovery training at MUTC

Training programs[edit]


Cybertropolis is a cyberwarfare training environment at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center.[11] It "consists of a representative city and residential infrastructure outfitted with operational SCADA, cellular, and enterprise networks".[12] Red-Team/Blue-Team exercises are conducted by US National Guard and other US Department of Defense organizations.[13]


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