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Dietary supplement
Owner Ozgur Ogul Koca
Country Canada
Introduced 1996
Related brands Hydroxycut
Markets United States, Canada, Latin America, South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, India

MuscleTech is a brand of sports nutrition supplements marketed by Iovate Health Sciences Inc.


In 1998, MuscleTech launched Cell-Tech, the first creatine-carbohydrate-alpha lipoic acid supplement.[1] This approach to creatine supplementation was investigated in a study published in 2003.[2]


Products bearing the MuscleTech brand name include Hydroxycut, Anabolic Halo, Gakic Hardcore, Leukic Hardcore, Vitakic, supplements containing creatine (such as Cell-Tech Hardcore, Creakic Hardcore) and protein supplements (Nitro-Tech Hardcore). The brand also encompasses a number of other categories, such as nitric oxide supplements (such as naNOx9 Hardcore), meal replacements such as Meso-Tech Hardcore, pre-workout supplements (such as naNO Vapor) and various "muscle stacks".[3]

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