Museo Nacional de Antropología (Madrid)

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National Museum of Anthropology
Museo Nacional de Antropología
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Museum's main facade
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LocationMadrid, Spain
Coordinates40°24′27.698″N 3°41′20.310″W / 40.40769389°N 3.68897500°W / 40.40769389; -3.68897500Coordinates: 40°24′27.698″N 3°41′20.310″W / 40.40769389°N 3.68897500°W / 40.40769389; -3.68897500
TypeArchaeological and ethnographic
Public transit accessAtocha station
Official nameMuseo Nacional de Antropología
Reference no.RI-51-0001384

The National Museum of Anthropology (Spanish: Museo Nacional de Antropología) is a national museum of Spain, located in Madrid near the Parque del Buen Retiro and opposite Atocha railway and metro station. It is considered the oldest anthropology museum in Spain, formally inaugurated on April 29, 1875, during the reign of Alfonso XII.


Dr Pedro González de Velasco promoted his project of a museum of Anatomy and assembled the early collections. The focus later passed from physical to cultural anthropology.


Each of its three floors is dedicated to a different subject:

A collection of skulls from the beginnings of the museum.
  • Ground floor. The Asia hall, devoting a special attention to the culture of the Philippines, a Spanish colony until 1898, with many items taken from an 1885 exposition in nearby Retiro Park. It also dedicates side rooms to temporary exhibitions and a cabinet of curiosities giving an impression of the early exhibitions including a plaster cast and the skeleton of the "Extremaduran Giant" (Agustín Luengo Capilla), and statues and plaster casts of several racial types.
  • First floor. The Africa hall, with a prominent representation of the culture of Equatorial Guinea, a Spanish colony until 1959.
A Peruvian example of pintura de castas ("caste pictures"), showing a Mestizo as the offspring of Mestizo parents.

A lecture hall allows performances of traditional music and dances and lectures.


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