Museu Nacional de Antropologia (Angola)

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The Museu Nacional de Antropologia (National Museum of Anthropology) is an anthropological museum in the Coqueiros neighborhood of the city of Luanda, Angola. Founded on 13 November 1976,[1] it is a cultural and scientific institution, dedicated to the collection, research, conservation, presentation and dissemination of the Angolan cultural heritage.

The museum consists of 14 rooms spread over two floors which house over 6000 traditional pieces,[2] including farm implements, hunting and fishing items, iron foundry, pottery, jewelry, musical instruments, women's rights memorabilia and photographs of the Khoisan people. Various traditional musical instruments are displayed, and visitors can hear a demonstration of the use of the marimba. Other major attractions of the museum are its rustic furnace for melting iron,[2] and its room of the masks, featuring the symbols of the rituals of the Bantu people. In addition to its permanent collection the museum also receives several temporary exhibitions.


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