Museu da Tabanka

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Museu da Tabanka
Museu da Tabanca
Front of the museum viewed from Asssomada's main square
Museu da Tabanka is located in Cape Verde
Museu da Tabanka
Location within Cape Verde
Established February 2000
Location Rua Amílcar Cabral
Assomada, Santiago, Cape Verde
Coordinates 15°05′32″N 23°42′04″W / 15.0921°N 23.7011°W / 15.0921; -23.7011
Type Music-related Museum
Collections music, tabanka-related

The Museu da Tabanka or Tabanca is a museum in Assomada in the central part of the island of Santiago in Cape Verde that is related with music, notably the tabanka. The building was built by the Repartição da Fazenda e dos Correios which is considered a cultural and historic heritage site for its architectural tracings, the actual Assomada Cultural Centre is located in the heart of the city and its to its main square.

The museum was first opened in February 2000 by the former Cape Verdean president Carlos Veiga

The Museu da Tabanka organizes temporary expos and diverse spectacles, looking and provides its cultural life in the municipality of Santa Catarina and the interior of the island of Santiago. The museum features a valuable estates of writing and drawing documentations under tabanka, an original local parade in which the traditional local figures are ridicularized.

Another Museu da Tabanka is in Chão de Tanque, where a variant of tabanka music known as Chão de Tanque was originated.

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Coordinates: 15°05′32″N 23°42′04″W / 15.0921°N 23.7011°W / 15.0921; -23.7011