Museu da Tabanca

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Museu da Tabanca
Museu da Tabanca is located in Cape Verde
Museu da Tabanca
Location within Cape Verde
EstablishedFebruary 2000
LocationChã de Tanque, Santiago, Cape Verde
Coordinates15°05′32″N 23°42′04″W / 15.0921°N 23.7011°W / 15.0921; -23.7011Coordinates: 15°05′32″N 23°42′04″W / 15.0921°N 23.7011°W / 15.0921; -23.7011
TypeMusic-related Museum
Collectionsmusic, tabanka-related

The Museu da Tabanca is a museum in the town Chã de Tanque in the western part of the island of Santiago in Cape Verde. It is dedicated to local culture, including tabanka music. The museum was first opened in 2000 in Assomada, the seat of the municipality of Santa Catarina, but in December 2008 it was moved to its current location in Chã de Tanque, also part of Santa Catarina. After two years of renovation, it was reopened in November 2017.[1]

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