Educational Museum Gama D'Eça

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Museum Educational Gama D'Eça
Established 1913
Location Rua do Acampamento, 81.
Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Coordinates 29°41′15″S 53°48′24″W / 29.68750°S 53.80667°W / -29.68750; -53.80667Coordinates: 29°41′15″S 53°48′24″W / 29.68750°S 53.80667°W / -29.68750; -53.80667
Type Paleontology, Natural history museum.
Director Maria Izabel M. Rocha Duarte

The Educational Museum Gama D'Eça is located in the center of Santa Maria city, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The current headquarters of the museum, located at Rua do Acamapamento Street, 81. The schedule of visits to the Museum is from Monday to Friday from 8am to 12am and from 1pm to 5pm.


The building was built in 1913 by Dr. Astrogildo Cesar de Azevedo. This house was designed by architect and German Theodor Viederspalm construction work accompanied by engineer Henry Schultz. The imposing building occupies an area of 534 square metres (5,750 sq ft) divided between its two floors.

Symbol of the museum[edit]

The symbol of the Museum is the Rhynchosaur (Scaphonyx fischeri), because through this reptile, first found in Santa Maria, in 1902 by Dr. Jango Fischer, the distinguished English paleontologist Arthur Smith Woodward determined the age of Santa Maria Formation dated Mesozoic Era, Upper Triassic period (about 220 million years). The name Scaphonyx Fischer was given in honor of its discoverer. This gave the initiative to study geopark of paleorrota.

Patron of the museum[edit]

GAMA d'EÇA, Jose Maria Coelho da Gama Lobo d'Eça, Baron of Saican, was born in Frame of Alagoinha, Santa Catarina, on 15 September 1793. Son of Brigadier Jose Coelho da Gama Lobo d'Eça and D. Elisa Joaquina da Conceicao Coimbra. For the forums of nobility built square in the Rules under the command of his father, as a cadet at 5 years of age, at 15 years participated in the campaign as Campanha Cisplatina, at 17 assumed the command of Colonel and Grenadier Company of the militia. He came to Santa Maria, ordered by the Viscount de Castro, to establish their headquarters here.


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