Museum Küppersmühle

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Warehouses of the Küppersmühle and Werhahnmühle

Museum Küppersmühle (MKM) is a Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art based Duisburg's Inner Harbour. It houses the Ströher Collection. It is part of the Duisburg: Town and Harbour section of the Ruhr Industrial Heritage Trail.


Based in a former warehouse, the MKM was opened in April 1999. The building was redesigned by the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, using a masterplan devised by Norman Foster. After gutting the original industrial building an exhibition space of 3,600 m² was created across three storeys. With 6-meter high ceilings, grey Turkish basalt natural daylight is provided by the ceiling-high window slits. The building is served by an external staircase attached to the original building.

History of the building[edit]

The original building was erected in 1860 with extensive redevlopment between 1908–1916. Steel silos were added in the 1930s. In 1969he merger of Werner & Nicola Germania Mühlenwerke with the Küppers Mühlenwerken in Homberg gave rise to the name "Küppersmühle".


Coordinates: 51°26′28″N 6°46′30″E / 51.44111°N 6.77500°E / 51.44111; 6.77500