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Coordinates: 52°5′10″N 4°17′53″E / 52.08611°N 4.29806°E / 52.08611; 4.29806

Museum Mesdag

The Museum Mesdag is an art museum in The Hague, Netherlands.

The is museum is housed in the former house of the Dutch painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag and shows the art Mesdag and his wife Sina van Houten have collected from 1866 to 1903. It features work of the painters of the Hague School like Willem Roelofs and Anton Mauve and work of the French Barbizon School and paintings of Lawrence Alma-Tadema. There is also a large collection of Japanese art and Japanese craftwork (pottery) on show. This all is shown in a typical 19th-century setting.

The museum was closed for renovation until Spring 2011. On 14 May 2011 it was re-opened and renamed "The Mesdag Collection".

The Panorama Mesdag is housed in different premises within easy walking distance from The Mesdag Collection.

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