Museum Nahdlatul Ulama

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Nahdlatul Ulama museum is a museum, which documents the culture and history of Nahdatul Ulama (NU). The museum was first opened on 25 November 2004 by the late KH[expand acronym]. Abdurrahman Wahid. The NU Congress inaugurated the museum on with the help of Ra'is Aam as Chairman of NU and KH. M. Sahal Mahfudh. The museum's building is three stories. The first floor has historical documents regarding NU, NU Coat, Nahdlatut Tujjar, Afkar and Proceedings Act Tashwirul KH. Hashim As'ari. Additionally, there are Kiswa Kaaba, Dokemen Ulama NU khittah and photographs on display. The second floor contains artifacts and photographs, including sejarah NU, NU Keris, Keris fighters and stick the two central figures NU. These are on display in honor of the ancient Bicycle Conference participants, as well as documentation in the reform era.