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Reclining nude by Czesław Mystkowski

Museum Pasifika (Nusa Dua Bali) is an art museum in Bali, Indonesia.[1] It presents the Asian Pacific’s variety of cultural artefacts. The museum was founded in 2006 by Moetaryanto P and Philippe Augier, and designed Popo Danes.[2]

The museum's collection includes more than 600 artworks by 200 artists from 25 countries. The museum has a number of galleries:[citation needed]

  • Room I: Indonesian Artists
  • Room II: Italian Artists in Indonesia
  • Room III: Dutch Artists in Indonesia
  • Room IV: French Artists in Indonesia
  • Room V: Indo-European Artists in Indonesia
  • Room VI: Temporary Exhibition
  • Room VII: Artists on Indochina Peninsula: Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia
  • Room VIII: Artists on Polynesia and Tahiti
  • Room IX: Premier Art of Vanuatu and the Pacific Islands Paintings of Aloi Pilioko and Nicolai Michoutouchkine
  • Room X: Tapa of Oceania and Pacific
  • Room XI: Asia: Several artworks on Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar and the Philippines


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