Museum of African Art, Belgrade

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Museum of African Art
Muzej Afričke Umetnosti
Museum of African Art logo.jpg
Established 1977 (1977)
Location Senjak, Belgrade, Serbia
Coordinates Coordinates: 44°47′21″N 20°26′06″E / 44.789054°N 20.434974°E / 44.789054; 20.434974
Type Art museum
Collection size 1,700
Founder Zdravko Pečar and Veda Pečar
Director Narcisa Knežević-Šijan

The Museum of African Art (Serbian: Музеј Афричке Уметности / Muzej Afričke Umetnosti) is a museum located in the urban neighborhood of Senjak in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. The museum was founded in 1977 and represents the only museum in the country dedicated to the arts and culture of Africa. Most of its collection comes from the West Africa.

The museum specializes in African art, and predominantly features African masks. It was established from the private collection of Croatian diplomat in service of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Zdravko Pečar (born in Međimurje), and was a result of his long stay as Ambassador to Africa. The collection contains many rare and valuable pieces from the regions in which he travelled. The collection was bequeathed to the City of Belgrade in 1974 by the ambassador.

Since its initial establishment from Pečar's private collection, the museum has continually expanded its collection and as of 2006 contains approximately 1,700 pieces.

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