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The Museum of Army Transport was a museum of British Army vehicles in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

The collection was wide ranging not just including a diverse collection of armoured vehicles and support vehicles (many of which were part of the National Army Museum), but also railway locomotives and rolling stock, and the only remaining Blackburn Beverley - aircraft XB259, the first production Beverley.


0-4-2T 'Gazelle' inside the Museum 8 August 1995
The museum site, cleared for 'development'

The museum went into administration after it was faced with a £140,000 repair bill for its roof, closing in summer 2003.[1] The collection has been split, with the Beverley now nearby at Fort Paull Museum, Armouries and Visitors Centre. Some of the collection was privately owned, and other parts of the collection owned by the National Army Museum have been relocated,[2] some into storage, some to The Tank Museum at Bovington Camp, Dorset.

Kitchener's railway coach is now at the Royal Engineers Museum at Chatham Dockyard. The former military steam railway locomotive WD92 "Waggoner", owned by the National Army Museum, was lent to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway in 2005, after a period in storage. In May 2008, the National Army Museum transferred ownership of this and another locomotive, WD198 "Royal Engineer", to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. The small, 1893 locomotive "Gazelle" (pictured right), which had previously been on display at the Longmoor military railway and later became part of the National Army Museum collection on display at the Museum of Army Transport, is now on display at the Colonel Stephens Railway Museum, Tenterden.


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