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The Museum of Danube in Komárno is a cultural and natural history museum in Komárno, Slovakia. The museum processes and makes accessible documents on the development of nature and society of the southern part of the Danube lowland and of Hungarian nationality culture in the Slovak Republic.

The Museum in Komárno was open in 1886 and was active until end of World War II, within the domain of museum and educational societies. The most prominent was the Jókai Educational and Museum Society, active in 1911-1945. Since 1948 it is housed in the building of the District Museum Society at Komárno. In 1949 it was renamed the Danube Museum.

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Coordinates: 47°45′27″N 18°07′37″E / 47.75750°N 18.12694°E / 47.75750; 18.12694