Museum of Fine Arts, Dole

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Museum of Fine Arts, Dole
Dole - Musée.jpg
Museum of Fine Arts, Dole
Museum of Fine Arts, Dole is located in France
Museum of Fine Arts, Dole
Location within France
Established 1821

Pavillon des Officiers
85, rue des Arènes

39100 Dole
Coordinates 47°05′22″N 5°29′19″E / 47.0894°N 5.4887°E / 47.0894; 5.4887
Type Art museum
Website Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dole

The museum of fine arts and archeology of Dole was founded in 1821. Since 1980, the museum is installed in the House of the Officers, an example of military architecture of Franche-Comté at the 18th century.


The collections comprise three sections: archeology, ancient art and contemporary art.

Archeology: It is a matter of the archeological discoveries in the area of Jura, from the Neolithic to the Merovingian era.

Ancient art:

  • Burgundian and of Franche-Comté sculptures from the Middle Age to the 18th century (G. Lullier, F.-M. Rosset, C.-F. Attiret),
  • French paintings 17th century and 18th century (S. Vouet, E. Allegrain, Ch.-A. Coypel), Italian Old Master Giambattista Pittoni, Italian ones (F. Albani, L. Giordano, G. Assereto) and Nordic ones (Maître de Saint-Gilles, P. van Boucle, C. Gysbrechts).
  • Paintings from the 19th century (J. B. Jongkind, G. Courbet), in particular from local artistes (J.-D. Attiret, A. Pointelin, J. Machard, G. Brun).
  • The History of Franche-Comté is represented by conquest scenes painted by van der Meulen, Martin des Batailles and Martin des Gobelins.

Contemporary art:

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