Museum of Minerals in Siófok

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Mineral Museum (Hungarian: Ásványmúzeum) is a museum in Siófok, Hungary. It was opened in 1986 in the centre of the city. It is a private museum, but the State also takes care of the collection. It includes more than 3000 pieces.

It includes examples most notably from the Carpathian basin, and most of them are minerals and fossils. There are a lot of very rare minerals from the mining areas of Transylvania. There are some objects from distant regions of the world as well.

The Kövecses Family has been collecting minerals for 4 generations. The museum became protected by the Hungarian State as a natioanal heritage in 1986, which was renewed again in 2016.

In 2001, museum owner and founder Mr. Lajos Kövecses-Varga made a new mineral discovery (kochsandorite). The first found samples of that mineral are also exhibited.


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