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Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw
Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie
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DirectorJoanna Mytkowska
Public transit accessLine M2 Rondo ONZ

Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie is a museum in Warsaw, Poland. It was established in 2005.

Until the construction of its new museum, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw carries out its program activities in a temporary premises at ul. Pańska 3. The Director of the museum since June 6, 2007 has been Joanna Mytkowska.

The construction of the new museum[edit]

In 2006, an international architectural competition for the design of the museum was announced. The competition was won in February 2007 by Swiss architect Christian Kerez. It was chosen from 109 designs.

The building of about 30,000 square meters was to be completed from 2012-2016 on the northern side of Parade Square beside Marszałkowska Street (previously occupied by a marketplace).

In April, 2008 the President of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz and Christian Kerez signed a contract for the design of the museum. In summer 2008, Warsaw authorities decided to change the functional program and project of the inside of the building, and as a result, the project had undergone significant change, and design work had to be significantly extended. The final concept of the building was to have been presented in the summer of 2010. However, in May 2012, the City terminated the contract with Christian Kerez.[1]

At the same time it was decided that for the next three years the temporary location for the museum would be in Pańska Street, off the nearby main thoroughfare Emilii Plater.

Current plans are to open the new custom-built museum in 2019.[2]

Plans for the museum[edit]

The museum will present the achievements and changes in Polish art of the twentieth and twenty-first century in an international context, create an art collection, present significant phenomena in the field of visual arts, film, theater and music, as well as support exceptionally talented artists.

Museum on the Vistula

The museum will be a platform for dialogue between tradition and the new currents, which will allow for constant renewal of the historical memory of the "near" and to negotiate the changing social hierarchy of values in the wider culture.

The museum - open for art in the broadest sense - is geared to interact with many diverse circles of Polish society, and to communicate with the public and international artistic circles.

The collection, exhibition time, as well as a multimedia program will be supported by information and education addressed to a number of social and age groups, with particular emphasis on high schools and universities.

The activities of the museum will serve to raise the level of knowledge and interest in the arts with references to tradition and history, and will develop and promote international cooperation with a view to forming a European cultural identity. This will apply to both the new museum and artistic and scientific exchanges with artists and people working in the area of culture - art historians, exhibitions curators, art critics - as well as participation in international museum artwork circuits and projects in the area of contemporary culture. Thanks to its unique location and historical surroundings the museum will be particularly try to stimulate intercultural dialogue.

The attractiveness of the building, combined with a favorable location and dynamics of the museum will be used to create a space for recreation and leisure for residents of and visitors to the city of Warsaw.

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