Museum of North Caucasus Railway

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Museum of North Caucasus Railway
Retro-poezd Rostov.jpg
Soviet steam locomotive class Su in the display area
Museum of North Caucasus Railway is located in Russia
Museum of North Caucasus Railway
Location within Russia
Established1 August 2003
LocationRostov-on-Don, Russia
Coordinates47°13′11″N 39°41′07″E / 47.219700°N 39.685400°E / 47.219700; 39.685400
TypeRailway museum
Public transit accessGlubokaya halt

The Museum of North Caucasus Railway (Russian: Музей Северо-Кавказской железной дороги, Muzyey Severo-Kavkazskoy zheleznoy dorogi) is a railway museum in Rostov-on-Don, Rostov oblast, Russia, which opened on 1 August 2003. It consists of a room in a Community Center of railwaymen and a display area 12,400 m² at Glubokaya halt on the south-west outskirts of Rostov-on-Don.

The first museum of history of North Caucasus Railway opened on 4 November 1960 in a Community Center of railwaymen at Rostov-Glavny station. Permanent exposition includes: information boards about famous North Caucasus railwaymen, model trains on a scale 1:15, uniform, cases, panoramas, implements of various times. The exhibition covers the period from emergence of rail transport in the region up to the present moment. The various collections from the Russian Civil War and the Great Patriotic War, now exceed 12,000 objects in the main fund[1].

The display area at Glubokaya halt opened on 1 August 2003, which marked celebrations of Railwayman's Day. Historical rolling stock (60 locomotives and carriages) is exhibiting here[2]. Also 19 locomotives and carriages are reserves at Rostov-Zapadny station. A lot of steam locomotives in the museum are in good condition. This rolling stock participates in historical reconstructions, filmings and celebratory parades. The total length of the exhibition tracks is 1.9 km[3].


Class Er steam locomotive
A tank car
Class Mz2 motor locomotive

The exhibition presents freight and passenger carriages, motor locomotives, track motorcars, draisines, maintenance vehicles, semaphore, light-traffic, water crane. The oldest object is a tank car for chemicals from the late 19th century. The following full-size locomotives and electric multiple unit are on display[3].


  • Class E steam locomotive
  • Class FD steam locomotive
  • Class L steam locomotive
  • Class P36 steam locomotive
  • Class TE steam locomotive (trophy german Class 52)
  • Class SO steam locomotive
  • Class Su steam locomotive
  • Class TE3 diesel locomotive
  • Class TEP60 diesel locomotive
  • Class TEP10 diesel locomotive
  • Class TEM1 diesel locomotive
  • Class TU10 narrow gauge diesel locomotive
  • Class VL8 electric locomotive
  • Class VL22m electric locomotive
  • Class VL41 electric locomotive
  • Class VL61 electric locomotive
  • Class VL80 electric locomotive
  • Class VL84 electric locomotive
  • Class ChS4 electric locomotive

Electric multiple unit[edit]

  • ER22 series electric multiple unit (two driving cars and a power car)


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