Museum of Polish Military Technology

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Museum of Polish Military Technology
Sukhoi and MiG row - Muzeum Katynskie (11105990443).jpg
Soviet-produced military jets and artillery displayed outdoors at the museum
LocationWarsaw, Poland
DirectorMirosław Zientarzewski

The Museum of Polish Military Technology (Polish: Muzeum Polskiej Techniki Wojskowej) is a military museum in the Mokotów district of Warsaw, Poland. It is a branch of the Polish Army Museum. It is located in former Fort IX of the Warsaw Fortress.


The museum is located in a former Russian fortress which is divided by Powsińską Street in two parts, the larger part being the museum and the smaller part being Szczubełka Park. In the 1990s, with the retirement of obsolete military equipment, the Polish Army Museum built a warehouse, which later opened as an outdoor exhibition branch of the museum.

Because the branch has a larger area than the main museum, the site is also used for storage and restoration of equipment.




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