Museum of Polish Military Technology

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Museum of Polish Military Technology
Sukhoi and MiG row - Muzeum Katynskie (11105990443).jpg
Soviet-produced military jets and artillery displayed outdoors at the museum
Location Warsaw, Poland

Muzeum Polskiej Techniki Wojskowej (in English Museum of Polish Military Technology) is a military museum in Warsaw, Poland, a branch of Polish Army Museum. It is located in former Fort IX of the Warsaw Fortress. The inside exhibitions of the museum closed in 2009 because the building it was occupying was judged as unfit to receive visitors. They will reopen when the building is repaired. Heavy military equipment outside still can be visited.

Coordinates: 52°10′57″N 21°03′59″E / 52.18250°N 21.06639°E / 52.18250; 21.06639