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The Museum of Rail Travel at Ingrow, England is operated by the Vintage Carriages Trust (VCT), a charity based just north of Ingrow (West) railway station on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway in West Yorkshire. Founded in 1965, it became a registered charity in 1981 and opened in 1990.

The Trust has provided railway carriages for over 70 films and television programmes.

Two of the steam locomotives owned by VCT - "Sir Berkeley" and "Bellerophon" have visited railways in the Netherlands. "Bellerophon" has also visited Belgium. "Sir Berkeley" is on loan to the Middleton Railway, Leeds.

The VCT Collection[edit]


The Vintage Carriages Trust owns the following carriages:

Road vehicles[edit]

Until early 2008, the museum was also home to a 1948 Scammell "mechanical horse", on loan from Tate & Lyle. This lorry attracted media attention in July 2002 when the museum received a speeding ticket, from Greater Manchester Police, claiming that the three-wheel vehicle had been caught speeding at 44 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone[1] – when in fact it has a maximum speed of only 18 mph. (It was a case of mistaken identity: a Belgian car with the same numberplate has been caught on camera in Bolton). Museum bosses were pleased to be able to show CCTV footage in its defence – at the time of the incident it was in pieces in the Museum's workshops.[2]

After a lengthy restoration into LNER blue livery, the mechanical horse and a matching trailer left Ingrow for pastures new in June 2008.[3]

Internet databases[edit]

The Vintage Carriages Trust website is also the gateway to the Railway Heritage Register databases: over 7,500 wagons; over 5,600 carriages; over 300 trams, over 60 horse-drawn vehicles, over 40 turntables


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