Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

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Coordinates: 37°52′16.42″N 122°15′43.23″W / 37.8712278°N 122.2620083°W / 37.8712278; -122.2620083

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
Established 1908
Location University of California, Berkeley
Type Science museum
Collection size 640,000+ specimens
Visitors research only
Director Michael Nachman
Curator Rauri Bowie (Birds),
Jimmy A McGuire (Herpetology),
Eileen Lacey (Mammals)
Website Museum of Vertebrate Zoology Main Page

The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology is a natural history museum at the University of California, Berkeley. The museum was founded by philanthropist Annie Montague Alexander in 1908. Alexander recommended zoologist Joseph Grinnell as museum director, a position he held until his death in 1939.[1]

The museum became a center of authority for the study of vertebrate biology and evolution on the West Coast, comparable to other major natural history museums in the United States.[1]

It has one of the nation's largest research collections of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, and the largest collection of any university museum.[2] [3] The museum is located on the UC Berkeley campus, in the Valley Life Sciences Building, on the 3rd floor, entrance at room 3101.


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