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The Museum of the American Railroad, formerly known as the Age of Steam Railroad Museum, is a railroad museum in Frisco, Texas. The museum has a large collection of steam, diesel, passenger, and freight railroad equipment, and is noted for allowing guests to walk through some of the equipment on guided tours.


The museum began as a small exhibit at the State Fair of Texas in 1963, and continued as a staple of the annual fair, officially becoming a museum in 1986.[1] It remained at its original site at Fair Park until closing in November 2011.[2] The museum is in the process of fully relocating to Frisco, Texas;[3] the move was based on a strategic plan, called Visions 2006, which called for a comprehensive reorganization of the museum, including new facilities, new governance and new programs.[4] The museum's offices, store, and some exhibits are temporarily housed at the Frisco Heritage Museum while construction continues on the museum's new location two blocks south.[5]


The items in the collection are as follows:


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