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Museum of the Nation
Museum of the Nation, Lima, Peru.jpg
LocationLima, Peru
The museum entrance
Pre-Columbian jug in the shape of a man

The Museo de la Nación (English: Museum of the Nation) is one of two major museums of Peruvian history in Lima, Peru. It is much larger than the other main museum in Lima, the Peruvian National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology, and History.

Normally, the Museum of the Nation houses thousands of artifacts spanning the entire span of human occupation in Peru, including an impressive collection of Moche, Nazca, and Wari ceramics. The museum also houses reproductions of many famous ancient Andean artifacts, most notably the Lanzón from Chavín de Huantar ; a recreation of the burial chamber of the Lord of Sipan (El Señor de Sipán); and the famous Revolt of the Objects Mural. However it is currently undergoing remodelling[1] so for the most part only temporary exhibitions are available for the public to view.

One of the exhibits that remains open is on the 6th floor of the museum which houses the photographic exhibit Yuyanapaq. Para Recordar. This exhibit was created by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to document the internal conflict in Peru that occurred from 1980-2000 involving the Shining Path.

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