Museum of the fortifications in Hlučín

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MO S-19 Alej

The museum of the fortifications in Hlučín is a museum of 1930's military fortifications near the city of Hlučín, Czech Republic. The forts MO S-18 "Obora", MO S-19 "Alej" and MO S-20 "Orel" are parts of the museum.[1] They are part of a series of five different forfications that were designed to sit on the Czech border during the first half of the twentieth century. They are an important example of the defences availables during the second world war and the consequences of the Munich Agreement. These fortifications have been under the management of the Silesian museum since 1992.[2]

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Coordinates: 49°55′31″N 18°13′17″E / 49.9252°N 18.2213°E / 49.9252; 18.2213