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Native name
Industry arts and culture; heritage; museums
Founded 1981[1]
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Area served

The Museum card (Dutch: "Museumkaart") is a personal card that allows free entrance to about 400 museums in the Netherlands.[2] As of 2016, the card costs €59.90 (including €4.95 administrative expenses) for adults, and is valid for one year.[3] A discounted card is available for youth under age 19, costing €32.45 (including €4.95 administrative expenses).[4]

In 2013, there were more than 900,000 Museum Cardholders. In 2011, over 23% of the visitors to the affiliated museums were Museum Cardholders (4.3 million to 18.1 million).


The Museum card is available at many of the larger participating museums, and it can also be purchased online. Museumkaart holders may register to receive a monthly digital magazine Museumkaart exclusive offers.

Buying the card online is only possible with a Dutch IBAN and a Dutch address. If you buy it from a museum you only get a temporary card for 31 days. You then have to upload a photo online. The 1 year card will then only be sent to a Dutch address.

Although most museums offer free entry to Museumkaart holders, some museums charge a small fee. Additionally, some museums charge an additional fee for special exhibitions but not to the general collection.


The Museumkaart aims to promote the repeat visits and to increase the bond between museums and their (potential) visitors. The (Dutch) Museum Association is the publisher of the Museumkaart. The operation of the card is housed in the Museum Card Foundation (SMK), which also organizes the Museum Weekend and supports the marketing of affiliated museums. The income of the Museumkaart foundation benefits the participating museums. Affiliated museums are recognized in the Dutch Museum Register and are members of the Dutch Museum Association.

Participating museums[edit]

The Museumkaart is available to buy at many of the participating museums below. It is noteworthy that the main web page of the Museumkaart is available in Dutch only and it does not provide any translation.


In Amsterdam, the participating museums are as follows. Many of these museums are part of the Official Museums of Amsterdam, including the Cobra Museum (located in Amstelveen) and the Zaans Museum (located in Zaandam).



The Hague[edit]





In other parts of the Netherlands:

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