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Mushtaq Kak (Dogri/Kashmiri: मुश्ताक़ काक (Devanagari), مُشتاق کاک (Nastaleeq); b. 1961 in Jammu & Kashmir, India) is an Indian actor and director.[1] Kak's parents are from Jammu&Kashmir,in India; his father is a Kashmiri, of the Kak caste, while his mother is a Dogra.[2]

Earlier, he was associated with Shri Ram Centre, New Delhi as the artistic director. He has also received the best director award for Andha Yug, Malika, and Pratibimb. Of his plays, Maha Brahmin and Alladad were adjudged best plays for the years 1999 and 2000, respectively. His production "Andorra" with Kartik Chaudhry as Pyder was a big hit. He Directed more than 100 plays all from different writers. Few of them are short stories by Saadat Hasan Mantos, Anton Chekhov's Cheery ka bagicha, Vijay Tendulkar’s ghansi ram kotwal, Krishan Chander's Gadhe Ke Wapsi, Sharad Joshi's alladad, Vasant Kanetkar's Kasturi Mrig, Moti Lal Kemmo's Nagar Udaas, Federico Garcia's The Blood Wedding. He has also acted in Hindi Movies like Hijack, Sikandar and Hollywood movie Amal.


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