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MusicQubed.[1] is a white label music application developer that provides a tethered download service aimed at casual music fans. MusicQubed supplies a mobile application that downloads up to 100 tracks that update daily and overnight. As of March 2014 over 1.5 million people have used the MusicQubed service.[2]

The company was founded in 2011 and has partnered with Vodafone, Samsung, Now! O2 and the Official Charts Company. One of the founders, Chris Gorman, spoke to Music Week in January 2014: "The £10 or $10 a month super fans and aficionados have been well catered for, leaving the market for mainstream music lovers largely underserved and under-monetised.".[3]

When MusicQubed first launched in 2011, its first release was a tie-in with Now! That's What I Call Music,[4] charging users £1 a week for unlimited access to the UK’s Top 40 singles.

In July 2012, MusicQubed announced a deal with Samsung,[5] where the UK's Official Top 40 application would be preloaded on Samsung mobile phones.[6]

In February 2013, MusicQubed launched O2 Tracks[permanent dead link] in partnership with O2.[7] O2 Users could access the UK Official Top 40 as well as new releases for £1 a week if you are an O2 customer, otherwise it costs £4.99 per month after a two-week trial. Later in 2013, O2 announced the new Lady Gaga album 'ARTPOP' would appear on O2 Tracks six days before its official release date.[8]

Later the same year, MusicQubed announced the appointment of ex-Vodafone Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Chris Burke as their Chairman[9]

In August 2013 the Company announced that it would be adding music videos in to O2 Tracks[10] as part of the O2 4G launch[11]

In November 2013, MusicQubed partnered with Vodafone in New Zealand to launch Vodafone Music, where users could listen to 70 full tracks, including New Zealand's Official Top 40 for $1.50 per week[12]

In March 2014 the Company announced its 100 millionth play[13] on O2 Tracks.

In November 2014 the Company launched a product in association with MTV called MTV Trax[14] which featured 100 tracks that were downloaded to directly to the users device allowing unlimited offline playback.

Throughout 2015 the Company has been rolling out internationally, launching products in Malaysia,[15][16] Spain[17] and Ireland,[18][19] in association with Digi, Samsung and Carphone Warehouse respectively.

In Feb 2016 the company announced a partnership with EE in the UK[20] launching its only prepay SIM card that provides users with 7GB of data and a month free of MTV Trax for £15.[21]


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