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Music Brokers is a broker and former record label founded in 1997 in Argentina from MB Entertainment Business Group. It started in Argentina and expanded opening offices in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. Today it has four sub-labels: Music Brokers, PMB, Selecta and Intelikids. Each label has a specific target audience.[1]

The label specializes in the re-release of popular genres from a variety of artists and/or musicians worldwide; therefore creating a very bargain basement and alluring price point to their compilations. The appeal may be instant but Buyer Beware due to a variety of their larger compilations have a combination of odd live recordings (not properly credited on release), non-original artists (session musicians or artist) and a variety of obscure tracks not even popularly known to chart via Billboard[2] or any International Music Charts.[3] These such tracks have been found on a variety of compilation releases and are unremarkable in nature. Many times as aforementioned; not even by the original artists but a session musician and/or artist; even though it is actually credited that way on the release.[4]


Music Brokers[edit]

Specializes in genre based compilations. Launches include the following compilation projects:

  • Cuba Anthology
  • Almódovar Experience
  • Tarantino Experience
  • Rt 66: Rockin´on the Road
  • BB King Anthology
  • Many Faces of AC/DC
  • Ramones – The Family Tree
  • '80s/ 12” The Extended Collection
  • 80's: the definitive hits collection in 3 CD.
  • Punk 1997/ 2007 30th Anniversary
  • Black Power – The Defininitive Collection – Soul & Funk
  • Brasil – Bossa Nova 50 Aniversario
  • Retrodance
  • Hollywood : the best of movie themes


Chill out music or compilations created using the melodies of famous artists fused with bossa-nova beats. Many tracks released by PMB have been licensed for use in compilations such as: Hotel Costes, Buddha Bar, Paris Derniere, Just Good Music and Destination Lounge. Launches include:

  • Bossa N’Remixes
  • Bossa N’Stones
  • Bossa N’Stones 2
  • Bossa N’Marley
  • Bossa N’Roses
  • Bossa N' Ramones
  • Bossa N’Madonna
  • Bossa N’Disco
  • Bossa N’Michael
  • Buenos Aires – Paris
  • Jazz and '70s
  • Jazz and '80s
  • Jazz and '80s 2
  • Jazz and '80s 3
  • Jazz and '90s
  • Jazz and Beatles
  • Electrotango


Selecta is a label of choice for indie labels in US and UK who seek representation for their artist in Latin America. Such labels include: Merge Records (US), Cooking Vinyl (UK) and OM Records (US) among others. Music Brokers is also the label partner for the Beggars Group (excluding Matador) in Argentina and other points in Latin America excluding Brazil. Music Brokers is also the exclusive label partner of Pacha Recordings in the region and has released special edition albums for the label like Pacha Latin American Sessions and Pacha Brasil 10th Anniversary. Further electronic music licensees included Black Hole Recordings with artists like Allure, Ferry Corsten, Robbie Rivera and Cosmic Gate. The most recent label partner to sign up with Music Brokers was Armada Music, home of Armin Van Buuren and his seriesA State of Trance series and artists like John O´Callahan and Paul Van Dyk.

Artists represented in Latin America (partial list)[edit]


Educational music for kids. Intelikids has published over 50 albums to date in Latin America and a total of 70 titles in Spain. These albums are designed for ages 3 to 8.

Launches include:

  • Por Un Mundo Mejor (For a Better World)
  • Cantando con los abuelos
  • Canciones de Animalitos
  • Canciones para los más chiquitos
  • Kiddie's Favorite Songs
  • El show de la brujita Tapita
  • Beethoven

Noteworthy releases[edit]

  1. Bossa N´Stones (MBB9759); Songs from The Rolling Stones made Bossa Nova style it was the first one of a series called The Rio Series.

PMB got together a group of musicians and producers from different backgrounds who found a way to mix the Rolling Stones' music with the spirit of bossa nova and contemporary electronic. Following the example of the French Nouvelle Vague album released the previous year, "Bossa n' Stones" was placed in between the tradition of bossa nova and chill out. While the artistic value of this product is debatable, the combination of the kittenish vocals and bossa beats and easily recognizable melodies made these albums popular choice for background music services in large commercial centers, such as shopping malls and restaurants where they can often be heard.

  1. Bossa N´Ramones (MBB9776); Songs from The Ramones made Bossa Nova style
  2. Jazz And 80's Vol.2 (MBB9786); Songs from artists such as The Clash, Eurythmics, Guns And Roses, Soft Cell, Culture Club from ´80s made as jazz.
  3. Buenos Aires-Paris (MBB9793); Tango songs made electronica
  4. Ramones (The Family Tree) (MBB7054); Songs from The Ramones made by members as guests along with other bands

Other companies owned by MB Entertainment Business Group[edit]

In addition to music, the company has expanded into new branches of the entertainment industry.

  • Music Brokers Publishing
  • Video Brokers
  • Premiere
  • Cooltura
  • Events
  • Post No Bills
  • DMX
  • @ Retail


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