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Music From Van-Pires
Soundtrack album by The John Entwistle Band
Released 2000
Recorded Between 1978 - 1997
Genre Pop Rock, Rock
Length 56:16
Language English
Label Pulsar Records
Producer Steve Luongo and John Entwistle
The John Entwistle Band chronology
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(1999)Left for Live1999
Music from Van Pires
So Who's The Bass Player? The Ox Anthology
(2005)So Who's The Bass Player? The Ox Anthology2005
Singles from Music from Van-Pires
  1. "When the Sun Comes Up"
    Released: 2000

Music from Van-Pires is a debut studio album recorded by the John Entwistle Band and is Entwistle's final solo album before his death in 2002. It was a soundtrack for the Sci-Fi Award-winning UPN animated children's computer-generated television series Van Pires, which only aired between 1997 and 1998, shooting 13 episodes, which Entwistle had been involved with. The album was not officially released as a collection. Some of the tracks appear on his solo compilation album So Who's the Bass Player? The Ox Anthology, despite this. Notably, this album was not re-released alongside Entwistle's other solo studio albums in 2005.

The song "Bogey Man" was originally written for The Who's 1978 album Who Are You by John Entwistle, but was rejected by the band for being too humorous. A demo was recorded by Entwistle and Keith Moon. The demo went largely forgotten, until Entwistle resorted to his old demos for material the soundtrack to the 1997 children's television programme Van Pires, to help him meet a contract which agreed he would write and record 13 new songs and a theme tune in 3 months. When the band's drummer, Steve Luongo heard the demo, he recognised Keith Moon's drumming on the demo, and the band decided to record a new version of the song with Moon's original drum track.[1]

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Track listing[edit]

All songs noted by who wrote them

No. Title Length
1. "Horror Rock" (John Entwistle, Steve Luongo) 2:55
2. "Darker Side of Night" (Entwistle, Luongo, Alan St. Jon) 4:22
3. "Sometimes" (Entwistle, Luongo, Alan St. Jon) 4:20
4. "Bogey Man" (Entwistle) 4:00
5. "Good and Evil" (Godfrey Townsend, Alan St. Jon, Entwistle, Luongo) 5:31
6. "When You See the Light" (Luongo) 4:01
7. "Back on the Road" (Entwistle) 4:06
8. "Left for Dead" (Alan St. Jon, Entwistle, Luongo) 3:53
9. "When the Sun Comes Up" (Godfrey Townsend, Alan St. Jon) 4:12
10. "Rebel Without a Car" (Entwistle, Luongo) 3:37
11. "Don't Be a Sucker" (Townsend, Entwistle, Luongo, Alan St. Jon) 4:18
12. "Endless Vacation" (Entwistle, Luongo, Hitt) 3:20
13. "I'll Try Again Today" (Entwistle, Luongo) 3:56
14. "Face the Fear" (Godfrey Townsend, Entwistle, Luongo) 3:38
Total length: 56:16


  • John Entwistle - Bass Guitar, Composer, vocals, Producer, Orchestration, Mixing
  • Steve Luongo - Composer, Percussion, Drums (all other songs), vocals, Producer, Orchestration, Mixing
  • Leslie West - Lead Guitar, vocals
  • Alan St. Jon - Keyboards, Composer, vocals, Orchestration
  • Keith Moon - Drums on "Bogey Man"
  • Godfrey Townsend - Guitar, vocals, Composer
  • Dave "Cyrano" Langston - Tour Manager
  • Bobby Pridden - Engineer


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