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Music Group
IndustryAudio and music products
FounderUli Behringer
Key people
Uli Behringer, Founder and CEO[1]

Music Group is a holding company based in the City of Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines.[2] It is chaired by Uli Behringer, founder of Behringer.


In December 2009, Music Group acquired Midas and Klark Teknik from Bosch Communications Systems (formerly Telex Communications) of Bosch Group.[3] In 2012, Music Group acquired Turbosound, a UK-based loudspeaker manufacturer. In April 2015, Music Group acquired TC Group.[4]


As of May 2015, Music Group's portfolio includes:[5]

Music Group City[edit]

The company is currently building a large new complex, that is currently the largest industrial undertaking in Zhongshan, China. The complex will house a new factory and dormitories for up to 10.000 workers.[6]


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