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Music K-8 magazine is a music resource magazine for teachers of students in grades K-8.


Music K-8 magazine is published by Plank Road Publishing, which was founded in an old farmhouse on - logically enough - Watertown Plank Road, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, by Teresa and Paul Jennings. The company, begun in 1990, soon outgrew the farmhouse and moved to a new facility near Underwood Creek in the village of Elm Grove, Wisconsin. During a devastating flood in 1998, most of the inventory was destroyed, and the company moved to a new location. The company is now located at a new facility in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.


Music K-8 magazine is published five times per year - bimonthly during the school year. It contains original children's music in a wide variety of styles, written by Paul and Teresa Jennings, John Riggio, Karl Hitzemann, Anne and David Ellsworth, Mike Wilson, and a select group of other writers. The magazine also contains a number of departments, including Network (reader-submitted ideas), Photojournal (user-submitted photos), and Quodlibet (humorous musings by Paul Jennings). A CD is available for every issue. It contains full-performance and accompaniment tracks of all the original music printed in the magazine, recorded at Aire Borne Group Recording Studios in Indianapolis, Indiana, using world-class musicians and professional child singers. The magazine is highly regarded by many music teachers, especially in the United States.

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