Music Machine II

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Music Machine II: All About Love
Studio album by Candle
Released 1983
Recorded 1983
Genre Children's music, Christian music
Label Birdwing records
Candle chronology
Music Machine: The Fruit Of The Spirit Music Machine II: All About Love Music Machine III: Majesty of God

Music Machine II (AKA The Music Machine: All About Love) (1983) is a Christian children's album by Candle that is a continuation of the Music Machine album from 1977. It is set in Agapeland, and teaches children about the Love. It features the characters Stevie and Nancy. It is part of a series of spin-offs of Music Machine albums, books, and Music Machine movies. This album is the winner of the 1983 Dove Award for "Children's Music Album of the Year," and it was Nominated for the 1983 Grammy Award "Best Recording for Children."

Track listing[edit]

  1. "When Love Lives in Your Heart" (J. Miller) - soloist Betsy Hernandez
  2. "Tune Up Song" (J. Miller, B. Miller) - soloists Julie Miller and Buddy Miller
  3. "The Greatest Thing of All" (J. Miller) - soloist Nathan Carlson
  4. "Love Never Fails" (J. Miller, R. Krueger) - soloist Buddy Miller
  5. "Glad to be Me" (J. Miller, B. Miller) - soloist Ben Roberts
  6. "I Was Made for Love" (J. Miller, B. Miller) - soloists Buddy Miller, Julie Miller, Heather Stevens, and Ben Roberts
  7. "Sloop Song" (B. Hernandez, B. Miller) - soloists Wayne Zeitner, Heather Stevens, and John Swartzbaugh
  8. "Bee Humble" (S. Simonson) - soloist Jeremy Stevens
  9. "I Love You" (R. Krueger) - soloist Heather Stevens
  10. "Love Waits A Long, Long Time" (F. Hernandez) - soloist Frank Hernandez as Herbert the Snail and Herbert's mom
  11. "Everybody Needs a Lot of Love" (R. Krueger) - soloist Buddy Miller
  12. "I Love You, Lord Jesus" (J. Miller)
  13. "The Greatest Thing of All (Reprise)" (J. Miller)
  14. "When Love Lives in Your Heart (Reprise)" (J. Miller)



  • Mr. Conductor - Wayne Zeitner
  • Stevie - John Swartzbaugh
  • Nancy - Heather Stevens
  • Sloops - "Various Sloops"