Music Machine III

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Music Machine III: Majesty of God
Studio album by Candle
Genre Children's music, Christian music
Candle chronology
Music Machine II: All About Love Music Machine III: Majesty of God Music Machine Club Fun Album!

Music Machine III (a.k.a. The Music Machine: Majesty Of God) is a Christian children's album. It is not set in Agapeland this time, but it features the characters Stevie and Nancy receiving a miniature music machine from the Conductor in the mail. It is part of a series of spin-offs of Music Machine albums, books, and Music Machine movies.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Majesty of God"
  2. "God Knows Everything"
  3. "One of a Kind of a Wonderful Love"
  4. "God is so Big"
  5. "God Cares"
  6. "Here, There, Everywhere"
  7. "God Will Forgive"
  8. "Some Invisible Things are Real"
  9. "A Pow-Wow-Wonderful God"
  10. "God is Good"
  11. "God is Forever"
  12. "The Majesty of God (reprise)"