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Neon sign and marquee at the chain's former main store (1977–2007), in Northwest Portland

Music Millennium is an independent record store located in Portland, Oregon. Its founding in 1969 has led it to claim it is the oldest continually-existing record store in the Pacific Northwest. It is considered a Portland icon and a "national leader in the music-selling industry".[1]

The business at one time had three stores: one at the original eastside location (opened on March 15, 1969),[1] a store in Northwest Portland, and a classical music-only store located next door to the main eastside location. The classical-music-only store, known as Classical Millennium, opened in 1977.[2]

The northwest location, which closed in September 2007,[3] was known for being a pioneer in in-store performances, which started in 1989 as part of the business's 20th anniversary celebration and were so popular that they were made a regular feature.[1] Among the many musicians the store hosted were Randy Newman in March 1989, as well as Richard Thompson, Brandi Carlile, Everclear (in 1997), The Shins, Elliott Smith (in September 1998), and Weezer. Notably, the northwest location saw a slew of in-store performances under the management of Fred Seegmuller, who had spent many years cultivating connections within the local music scene.

Music Millennium's original 1969 store, still in operation in 2015

In 2009, Music Millennium was given the ninth spot in Spin magazine's list of the 15 best independent record stores in the country.[4][5]

It hosts an annual Customer Appreciation BBQ, in recent years typically attended by around 1500 customers, with food, live music, and prizes determined by the "Giant Wheel of Wonder."

Music Millennium is a member of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS).


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