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Music Mountain Summer Chamber Music Festival, located on Music Mountain Road in Falls Village, Connecticut, is America's oldest continuing summer chamber music festival. Founded in 1930, it is currently in its 87th season.


Music Mountain's mission is to promote the teaching and performance of the string quartet literature.


Music Mountain was founded in 1930 by the violinist Jacques Gordon as the permanent home for the Gordon String Quartet. Music Mountain's mission is the teaching and performance of the string quartet literature. It is known for regularly programming world-famed artists. Music Mountain also offers a variety of teaching programs each season. Music Mountain's educational and artistic activities have been overseen since the 1975 season by Nicholas Gordon, president of the Music Mountain Board of Managers and son of founder Jacques Gordon. In 1986, Nicholas Gordon added to his duties as president those of Musical Director. Starting in 2015 for the 86th season, Nicholas Gordon will continue his duties as president, but he will be succeeded as Music Director by the pianist Jonathan Yates.


Music Mountain concerts takes place in Gordon Hall, an acoustically perfect chamber music hall. Designed to be the analogue of the violin, the beaming in the ceiling replicates the bass bar and sound post of the violin, the French doors mimic the f holes in the belly of the fiddle. The shape of Gordon Hall is similar to that of a violin, being long and narrow. The chamber itself is completely surrounded by air with hollow walls, a crawl space under the floor and above the ceiling. There is nothing to impede the ability of the walls, floor and ceiling to vibrate when music is played on the stage. Gordon Hall seats 335 people (400 with additional seating.)

In addition to Gordon Hall, Music Mountain has 4 houses, each named after an instrument in a string quartet. The houses were prefabricated buildings ordered from Sears Roebuck and built in 1930. The property has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places for the impressive architecture of Gordon Hall, and for the relatively rare example of mail-order houses.[1]


In the 2016 season, Music Mountain hosted 29 concerts, and additional community events. This included 13 concerts in the Twilight series - including Gilbert and Sullivan, Jazz, Big Band, Broadway, Country, and Folk. The remaining 16 concerts were part of Music Mountain's famous string quartet series, featuring groups such as The St. Petersburg Quartet, The Enso String Quartet, The Emerson String Quartet, The Shanghai String Quartet, and many more. Concerts from prior seasons and the current season can be heard on the internet at or by going to

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