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Music Mouse is an algorithmic musical composition software developed by Laurie Spiegel.

Spiegel's best known and most widely used software, "Music Mouse - An Intelligent Instrument" (1986) is for Macintosh, Amiga and Atari computers.[1][2][3] The "intelligent instrument" name refers to the program's built-in knowledge of chord and scale convention and stylistic constraints.[4] Automating these processes allows the user to focus on other aspects of the music in real time.[5] In addition to improvisations using this software, Spiegel composed several works for "Music Mouse", including Cavis muris in 1986, Three Sonic Spaces in 1989, and Sound Zones in 1990.[6] She continued to update the program through Macintosh OS 9 and, as of 2021, it remained available for purchase or demo download from her website.[3]

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