Music Pool 2002

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Music Pool 2002
Hitomi yaida music pool 2002 cover.JPG
Live album Aozora Records Music Pool 2002 performed by Yaiko
guest: Daishi Katoaka & Imogen Heap
Released 19 February 2003
Recorded Expo Commemoration Park, Osaka, Japan
27 July 2002
Genre J-pop
Language English, Japanese
Label Aozora (ZORA-105)
Producer Diamond Head & Hitomi Yaida
Hitomi Yaida chronology
U.K. Completion
(2002)U.K. Completion2002
Music Pool 2002

Music Pool 2002 is the first live album by Hitomi Yaida released on 19 February 2003. The full title is Aozora Records Music Pool 2002 performed by Yaiko, as this event was an exposition of Aozora records' artists at the time performing around and with Yaida. Recorded in the Osaka International Expo park, it features appearances by both Imogen Heap and Daishi Katoaka (Aozora and Yaida producer and solo artist).

The CD was released with an accompanying DVD of the concert, which included promotional videos for both Heap and Katoaka. Songs by both Heap and Katoaka appear at the end of the CD. The artwork was produced by Yaida herself.

The audio version of Life's Like a love song seen on the DVD can be found as the bonus track on the Limited edition Japanese release of i/flancy.

Track list[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "B'coz I Love You"  
2. "Dizzy Dive"  
3. "Ring My Bell"  
4. "Zeitaku na Sekai"  
5. "Over the Distance"  
6. "I Can Fly"  
7. "I'm Here Saying Nothing"  
8. "Nee"  
9. "Moshimo no Uta"  
10. "Look Back Again"  
11. "Te to Namida"  
12. "Angry Angel" (performed by Imogen Heap)  
13. "Life Goes On 2002" (performed by Daishi Kataoka)  
No. Title Length
1. "Angry Angel" (performed by Imogen Heap)  
2. "Candlelight" (performed by Imogen Heap)  
3. "B'coz I Love You"  
4. "Dizzy Dive"  
5. "Ring My Bell"  
6. "Zeitaku na Sekai"  
7. "Not Still Over"  
8. "Over the Distance"  
9. "I Can Fly"  
10. "Life Goes On 2002" (performed by Daishi Katoaka with Yaiko)  
11. "I'm Here Saying Nothing"  
12. "Nee"  
13. "Moshimo no Uta"  
14. "Look Back Again"  
15. "Te to Namida"  
16. "I'm Not Afraid" (session with Imogen Heap)  
17. "I like" (session with Imogen Heap)  
18. "Life's Like a Love Song"  
19. "I Like (UK mix)" (end credits with song)  
20. "B-Love" (Daishi Katoaka promo music video)  
21. "Aeroplane" (Imogen Heap promo music video)