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Music from Free Creek is an album from a series of 1969 "super session" recordings by Free Creek, a group composed of a number of internationally renowned musical artists of the time, including Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Keith Emerson, Buzz Feiten, Mitch Mitchell and Linda Ronstadt. Joe Viglione from has stated that "Music from Free Creek is a super session album, where the musicians are playing for the fun of it, and that comes across. The material doesn't get bogged down in 'names'; it just flows."[1]


The recordings, made in 1969, were released in 1973 in England as CADS 101 by Charisma Records and in the U.S. by Buddah Records,[2] as a two-record set. The material was re-released by Charisma in 1976, as Summit Meeting. It was released on CD by Lake Eerie Records in 2002,[3] and re-released by the same company in 2006.[4][5]

Track Listing and Personnel[edit]


The Eric Clapton ("King Cool") Session[edit]


1. No One Knows (lyrics by Tom Cosgrove and Stu Woods, music by Moogy Klingman)

2. Road Song (Klingman)

3. Getting Back To Molly (Klingman)

  • Guitars - Eric Clapton (1st solo), Dr. John (2nd solo)
  • Lead Vocal - Earle Doude
  • Harmonica - Moogy Klingman
  • The Free Creek Singers

The Jeff Beck ("A.N. Other") Session[edit]


4. Cissy Strut (A. Neville, L. Nocentelli, G. Porter, Jr. and J. Modeliste)

5. Big City Woman (Klingman)

  • Guitar - Jeff Beck
  • Piano - Moogy Klingman
  • Bass - Stu Woods
  • Drums - Roy Markowitz
  • Lead Vocal - Tommy Cosgrove

6. Cherrypicker (Jeff Beck, Moogy Klingman, Stu Woods and Roy Markowitz)

  • Guitars - Jeff Beck, Todd Rundgren
  • Organ - Moogy Klingman
  • Bass - Stu Woods
  • Drums - Roy Markowitz

7. Working in a Coalmine (Written by Allen Toussaint)

  • Guitar - Jeff Beck
  • Organ - Moogy Klingman, Bob Smith
  • Bass - Stu Woods
  • Drums - Roy Markowitz

The Keith Emerson Session[edit]

8. Freedom Jazz Dance (Eddie Harris)

9. On the Rebound (Floyd Cramer)

  • Piano - Keith Emerson
  • Guitar - Buzzy Feiten
  • Bass - Chuck Rainey
  • Drums - Mitch Mitchell
  • Occasional Voice - Geri Miller

10. Mother Nature's Son (Lennon and McCartney)

The Harvey Mandel Session[edit]

11. Sympathy for the Devil (Jagger/Richards)

12. Earl's Shuffle (Harvey Mandel and Earle Doud)

  • Lead Guitar - Harvey Mandel
  • Pedal Steel Guitar - Red Rhodes[12]
  • Organ - Jimmy Greenspoon
  • Bass - Larry Taylor
  • Drums - Fito de la Parra

13. The Girl from Ipanema (Antonio Carlos Jobim and Norman Gimbel)

  • Lead Guitar - Harvey Mandel
  • Pedal Steel Guitar - Red Rhodes
  • Bass - Larry Taylor
  • Drums - Fito de la Parra
  • Shakers - Didymus
  • Wood Blocks - Earle Doud

Odds & Sods[edit]

14. Hey Jude (Lennon and McCartney)

  • Lead Guitar - Buzzy Feiten
  • Organ - Moogy Klingman
  • Drums - Mitch Mitchell
  • Bass - Richard Davis
  • Rhythm Guitar - Elliot Randall
  • The Free Creek Horns

15. Lay Lady Lay (Dylan)

16. Kilpatrick's Defeat (Moogy Klingman and Mike Gayle)

The Linda Ronstadt Session[edit]

17. Living Like a Fool (Maxwell and Crutchfield)[13]

18. He Darked the Sun (Bernie Leadon and Gene Clark)[13][14]

  • Lead Vocal - Linda Ronstadt
  • Guitar - Bernie Leadon
  • Pedal Steel Guitar - Red Rhodes
  • Piano - Jimmy Greenspoon
  • Bass - John London
  • Drums - John Ware
  • Violin - Chris Darrow

The Free Creek Horns are:

The Free Creek Singers are:

Other Credits and Particulars[edit]

Music from Free Creek was recorded and mixed in New York City at The Record Plant, June, July & August, 1969

Produced by Earle Doud and Tom Flye
Executive Producer and Musical Director: Moogy Klingman
Engineers: Tony Bongiovi and Jack Hunt
Additional mixes: Keith Emerson and Neil Slaven
Album cover painting by Ronchetti and Day
Album cover design: Hipgnosis

Track listing[edit]

The UK release of the double LP arranges the tracks in the following order:

LP 1, side A (ADS1A, stated running time 17:52)

  • Cissy Strut
  • Freedom Jazz Dance
  • Sympathy for the Devil
  • Mother Nature's Son
  • Road Song

LP1, side B (ADS1B, stated running time 15:50)

  • Lay Lady Lay
  • Hey Jude
  • He Darked the Sun
  • Earl's Shuffle

LP2, side A (ADS2A, stated running time 17:21)

  • Getting Back to Molly
  • Cherrypicker
  • Kilpatrick's Defeat
  • Girl from Ipanema
  • No One Knows

LP2, side B (ADS2B, stated running time 15:42)

  • Living Like a Fool
  • Working in a Coalmine
  • Big City Woman
  • On the Rebound

The 2006 Lake Eerie single CD Free Creek LER 43014 has the same 18 tracks in the same order from LP1 side A through to LP2 side B, with some minor variations in track titles and musician credits.


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