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The first major study of the music of Bashkortostan appeared in 1897, when ethnographer Rybakov S.G. wrote Music and Songs of the Ural's Muslims and Studies of Their Way of Life. Later, Lebedinskiy L.N. collected numerous folk songs in Bashkortostan beginning in 1930. The 1968 foundation of the Ufa State Institute of Arts sponsored research in the field.

The quray is the most important instrument in the Bashkir ensemble; it is made from a special reed found only in the Ural Mountains.

The National Symphonic Orchestra of the Bashkortostan Republic was founded in 1992 under the leadership of Tahir Kamalov. It emerged as one of the major symphonies in late 20th century Russia.

G. Gaskarav, the first artistic leader of folk theatrical choreography of the Bashkir, founded a professional folk dance ensemble in 1939. This band has travelled across much of the world.

Quray, the symbol of Bashkir music is used in modern popular music too. Zahir Bayiq played some Enigma and own melodies (Quray-Dance CD).