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The music of Dance Dance Revolution is the collective soundtracks of the initial Dance Dance Revolution game in Konami's music simulation series. The soundtracks rely heavily on licensed music from Toshiba EMI's Dancemania series and also contain original songs produced by Konami's in-house artist Naoki Maeda. The original arcade game contains 11 tracks. Due to the staggered release of the game in other regions additional songs from newer releases in the series appear in the Asian, American and European releases.

List of tracks[edit]

     Track is available.
     Track is only available under certain conditions.
     Track is unavailable.

Across, releases are listed in chronological order. Down, tracks are listed by in-game sort order then by chronological release.

Song Artist Japan Asia Americas Europe
1 "Butterfly" Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 "Have You Never Been Mellow" The Olivia Project Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 "Kung Fu Fighting" Bus Stop featuring Carl Douglas Yes No No No
4 "Let's Get Down" JT Playaz Yes No No No
5 "Little Bitch" The Specials Yes No No No
6 "My Fire" X-Treme Yes Yes Yes Yes
7 "Strictly Business" Mantronik vs EPMD Yes Yes No No
8 "That's The Way (I Like It)" KC & The Sunshine Band Yes No No No
9 "Make It Better" Mitsu-O! Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 "Paranoia" 180 Final Final Final Final
11 "Trip Machine" De-Sire Final Final Final Final


This is a list of the tracks featured as music in Dance Dance Revolution. For a list of the tracks that originally appeared in Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix see the music of Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix.


"Butterfly" is a song by

Have You Never Been Mellow[edit]

"Have You Never Been Mellow" is a song by The Olivia Project.

Kung Fu Fighting[edit]

A version of "Kung Fu Fighting" by Bus Stop featuring Carl Douglas.

Let's Get Down[edit]

"Let's Get Down" is a song by JT Playaz.

Little Bitch[edit]

"Little Bitch" is a song by The Specials.

Make It Better[edit]

"Make It Better" is a song by Mitsu-O!.

My Fire[edit]

"My Fire" is a song by X-Treme.


"Paranoia" is a song by 180.

Strictly Business[edit]

"Strictly Business" is a song by Mantronik vs EPMD.

That's The Way (I Like It)[edit]

"That's The Way (I Like It)" is a song by KC & The Sunshine Band.

Trip Machine[edit]

"Trip Machine" is a song by De-Sire.

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