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San Marino is a small sovereign state located within the territory of Italy. It has a musical heritage which includes the 17th-century composer Francesco Maria Marini di Pesaro and the 20th-century composer Cesare Franchini Tassini (1925–2010).

Since 1894, a wordless composition by Federico Consolo has been the national anthem of San Marino. The piece is based on a 10th-century choral composition.[1] The previous anthem was by Aur. Muccioli and U. Balsimelli, and is similar to the Italian national anthem.[2] mew

The modern military forces of San Marino parade through the streets in full uniform several times a day, accompanied by the sounds of a military brass band.[3]

There is a small metal scene with Necrofilia[4] and Nothing Inside Eyes[5] the latter being formed from another band called Alchimia 2012.[6]

The pop singer Little Tony achieved success in the United Kingdom and Italy in the late 1950s and early 1960s, reaching number 19 on the UK singles chart in 1960,[7] and participating in the Sanremo Music Festival ten times between 1961 and 2008.

San Marino participates in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2008. The country reached twice in the finals, in 2014 where it reached 24th place and 2019 where it reached 19th place.[8] Although some international singers have represented San Marino, Sammarinese singer Valentina Monetta has participated four times for the country, Anita Simoncini in 2015, and the Italo-Sammarinese band Miodio debuted for the republic in 2008.

San Marino has also competed three times in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, 2014 and 2015, with 10th place in 2013 as its best result.


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