Musical Influences

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"Musical Influences"
Radio Free Roscoe episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 16
Directed by Phil Earnshaw
Written by Russell Cochrane
Production code 216
Original air date March 11, 2005
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"We'll Always Have Roscoe"
Next →
"Rah, Rah Revenge"
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"Musical Influences" is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Radio Free Roscoe, a teen comedy drama. On The N, the episode is from Season 4, Episode 3.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The episode begins with Lily and Parker entering Mickey's Discs and talking about focusing on the band, including signing up for Open Mic Night. Lily states that she wants to focus on writing songs for the band, keeping boys out of mind. Seconds later, a boy walks into Mickey's Discs (portrayed by Jake Epstein), commanding Lily's attention.

Then Travis, Robbie and Ray are in a hall, talking about Ray's hideous clay creation, and Ray's trouble connecting with his girlfriend, Grace. Travis suggests to study up on art appreciation, while Ray is sitting reading a comic called "Falcon Girl", because "She looks like Grace" he says.

Lily is putting up a No Man's Land poster on the notice board, notifying that they are going to be playing Open Mic night. She hears a guitar across the hall, and peeks into the room where she sees the boy from Mickey's Discs, who introduces himself as Jackson Torrence. He has recently transferred from Logan High School. He compliments Lily and her band as he had heard their set at Sound Wave. Jackson then attends the band's practice, giving pointers to Lily. Parker and Megan are less than pleased with him being there, as it is obvious that he's hitting on Lily.

Ray and Grace are at Mickey's Discs, and he shows her "his" drawing of Grace, that he really had sketched from the comic book.

Lily is practicing still with now just Jackson, who comments on her band's music, saying that they are too "pop" for her. She kisses him after he asks her what her heart is telling her to do.

Robbie and Travis are looking for Lily, and Parker points over to Jackson where the two are making out. Just as she is commenting on how Lily has fallen for Jackson's game, the two walk up and Lily introcudes him to the boys, who aren't convinced that he isn't playing her.

Grace then asks Ray to do illustrations for a school project, and he agrees to doing it for her.

Jackson then is telling Lily that he and her are artists, therefore they are "writing the book of life" while her friends are simply reading the book. He then tries to get her to skip Biology class with him to break into the music room, which she says no to at first, but then does. Jackson is then at band practice with Lily again, dictating to the band what they should be doing, while Lily just follows along and Megan and Parker are obviously frustrated. Lily is still oblivious to Jackson's games.

Ray picks up some art books, and starts sketching for Grace's project. He shows them to Robbie, who says they could be worse.

After blowing up at the rest of the DJs at RFR, Lily heads to band practice where she then tells Parker and Megan that she doesn't need them in the band anymore because they aren't taking it seriously.

The next day at school, she sees that Megan and Parker have modified the No Man's Land poster, putting a snow man over Lily's photograph and correcting the title to "Snow Man's Land". Travis calls Lily and Jackson out on being pretentious. Lily then says to Travis that he's just jealous of Jackson and her being in a relationship.

She turns to Jackson for comfort, where at first he seems to relieve her troubles with her friends, but then he mentions that Lily is cool because she understands that artists don't need to be tied down to anything, or anyone. Lily then realizes that with Jackson, the music always comes first.

Ray shows his drawings to Grace for her project, who is mad because he obviously had lied about being an artist. He then tells Lily about the whole thing, and how he pretended to be someone that he wasn't, and failed at it.

Lily then shows up at Mickey's Discs, after missing Jackson's set. She tells Jackson that she doesn't want to go "find inspiration" with him, rather she wants to hang out with the band.

Ray is expecting Grace to break up with him after the whole fiasco, however she thanks him because his horrible skills actually impressed Grace's teacher with the artists interpretation of the book. Ray apologizes to her.

Lily then apologizes to Travis, and then Parker and Megan. They all forgive her, and No Man's Land plays their set to a lively crowd.

Music featured[edit]


Main cast[edit]

  • Nathan Carter as Travis "Smog" Strong
  • Ali Mukaddam as Ray "Pronto" Brennan
  • Nathan Stephenson as Robbie "Question Mark" McGrath
  • Kate Todd as Lily "Shady Lane" Randall

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Victoria Nestorowicz as Parker Haynes
  • Julia Alexander as Grace
  • Hillary Kourkoutis as Megan

Guest starring[edit]

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