Musical Tour of Scotland

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Musical Tour of Scotland
Musical Tour of Scotland.jpg
Studio album by Billy Connolly
Released 1995
Genre Folk
Length 51:57
Label Tickety-Boo
Producer Graham Preskett
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Musical Tour of Scotland is a collection of traditional and original songs and tunes, which accompanied Billy Connolly's 1994 television series World Tour of Scotland. It was released in 1995.[2]

Alongside Connolly's performances are arrangements of well-known folk musician Ralph McTell's songs. The musical nature of this album is notable as Connolly, who had been a folk musician in the 1960s and early 70s, and who included musical interludes in his comedy albums and performances up until 1983, had mostly phased music out of his performances by the late 1980s.

All but the final song, a cover of Van Morrison's "Irish Heartbeat", are studio recordings. "Irish Heartbeat" is performed live during Connolly's seven-night stand at Edinburgh's Usher Hall during the "World Tour". Connolly, playing acoustic guitar, is joined on stage by female backing vocalist Julienne Taylor[3] and, from the bridge onwards, a pipe band. The song was limited-released as a single.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Banjo Land" (Trad. arr. Graham Preskett)
  2. "The Islands Theme" (Ralph McTell)
  3. "The Waltzing Fool" (Trad. arr. Billy Connolly)
  4. "Tangle of the Isles Theme" (Trad. arr. Graham Preskett)
  5. "I Wish I Was in Glasgow" (Trad. arr. Billy Connolly)
  6. "Flower of Scotland Theme" (Roy Williamson)
  7. "Campbell's Farewell" (Trad. arr. Billy Connolly)
  8. "Will Ye Go" (Trad. arr Graham Preskett, performed by Ralph McTell)
  9. "From Here to Claire" (Trad. arr. Graham Preskett)
  10. "The Islands" (Ralph McTell/Martin Allcock, performed by Ralph McTell)
  11. "Waltz of the Waves" (Trad. arr. Billy Connolly)
  12. "Tangle of the Isles" (Trad. arr. Graham Preskett, performed by Ralph McTell)
  13. "Barges" (Ralph McTell)
  14. "Flower of Scotland" (Roy Williamson, performed by Ralph McTell)
  15. "Glasgow Theme" (Trad. arr. Billy Connolly)
  16. "Will Ye Go Theme" (Trad. arr. Graham Preskett)
  17. "Irish Heartbeat" (Van Morrison, performed by Billy Connolly)

Musical credits[edit]

Production credits[edit]

  • Graham Preskett - Musical Production
  • Cameron McBride - Recording Engineer


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