Musician (video game)

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Musician Coverart.png
Publisher(s) Philips
Platform(s) Magnavox Odyssey² (US)
Philips Videopac (Europe)
Release 1980
Genre(s) Music

Musician is cartridge number 31 in the official Magnavox/Philips line of games for the Philips Videopac. It came in a cardboard box roughly double the size of a standard Videopac game box, containing a keyboard overlay in the style of a piano keyboard; the cartridge, in a standard Videopac box with a single sheet where the manual would usually be; and a landscape format manual, over double the size of a standard game manual.

The purpose of the set is to turn the user's Videopac into a musical keyboard. It supports recording and editing sequences of up to 81 notes, although there is no way to save apart from writing a composition down on music manuscript. In the manual there are the following pieces of sheet music:

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